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Understanding Cookers

Admit it, at some point in your life; you thought all the cookers that you see in the kitchen work the same. That’s a story quite relatable to many of us, especially if we have a distant relationship with cooking!

Now, as the truth unfolds, we do know that things are not as simple as they seem. Different cookers, namely pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, etc. are designed to serve individual purposes.

So, if you have been dangling between rice cooker vs slow cooker recently, we are on the same page! Let’s find out how these two cookers differ in functions and which one is worth your penny!

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Back to Basics!

Before we delve into the detailed discussion, let’s have a quick recap on these two products. A rice cooker, as it obviously sounds, is basically designed to cook fluffy and soft rice. It differs from a slow cooker when it comes to speed.

While a slow cooker heats up the inside-environment slowly and evenly, a rice cooker does the opposite. It quickly boils the ingredients inside and brings about soft-cooked grains within a short period of time.

A slow cooker takes a bit of time to cook because of its slow heat-release nature. This makes it a perfect choice for roasting and a wide range of cooking, especially if you are planning to leave the cooker on the fire for a longer period.

All About Slow Cookers

If you absolutely have no idea which cooker to use for your cooking purpose, you can safely opt for a slow cooker. That’s because it’s kind of one cooker for all appliances that may save you the day.

Slow Cooker

It takes around 2 to 10 hours max to prepare your favorite dish. Plus, it comes with a range of warming mode that can be used to heat up the food. So, there are basically three heating options – high, low, and warm.

In a 3 to 7 quartz size cooker, it’s just a piece of cake to cook almost any regular cuisine. You name your favorite dish – curries, bean stew, pot roast, chicken roast, soup, macaroni cheese, potato items, meatballs, spaghetti bolognese, enchiladas, and what not!

All of this delicious food is just hours away to be cooked and presented before you once you own a slow cooker.

With the technology striving to override beyond possibilities, slow cookers now come programmable. You get to set the exact time and temperature customizing for different dishes.

Overall, it’s a great tool to cook perfect, soft, and yummy food in a slow way.

All About Rice Cookers

Rice Cooker

The main idea behind a rice cooker is to make it easier to cook rice. While it is true, what’s not false is that it can be used beyond that. Yes, a rice cooker, despite carrying a rice-only vibe, can cook other whole grains, smaller seafood, veggies, steamed fish, soups and stews, hard-boiled eggs, porridge, cereal, and many more!

Having just two basic modes (Cook and Warm), it actually is faster than a slow cooker in case of turning hard rice into tender serving. The usual capacity of a rice cooker is around 2 to 30 cups. The best part is, you don’t need to spend a lot of time setting the cooker.

Just measure the ingredients and let the cooker take care of your food!

Rice Cooker Vs Slow Cooker : What’s the Difference?

There are a few avenues where these two types of cookers differ. Here’s what we have got.

Heat Release

As we have already mentioned before, the way the cookers release heat draws the key difference between the two.  A slow cooker usually can be set to three different warmth options – high, low, and medium.

The temperature should range from 200 to 300-degree Fahrenheit. This is because if you are cooking below 150-degree, it will allow bacteria to form and eat your food before you get to taste it!

On the other hand, a rice cooker works a bit differently. It doesn’t release heat in a slower and even way. It focuses on boiling the water the rice is put in, and the rice eventually absorbs the water.

Once done, the cooker senses this and simply keeps the grains warm until you decide to deliver it into your stomach. A stainless steel rice cooker works great for both cooking and warming purposes.

Cooking Time

A slow cooker takes pride in its name and does claim a lot of time to cook. Depending on the dish you are planning for dinner tonight, it takes around 2 to 10 hours for the food to prepare.

On the other hand, a rice cooker takes around 20 to 50 minutes max to prepare rice and other grain items.

Measure of Size

Both the cookers differ in the measurement of their sizes. Slow cookers come in different sizes, usually known as quartz. 1-3 quartz cooker is a small-sized one, 4-5 quartz is an ideal one for a family of 4, and 6-8 quartz size should be perfect for a larger dining audience!

Rice cookers are measured in a bit different way. You get the sizes in cups. Cookers of 2 to 10 cup sizes are usually what you find in the market. The cup refers to the amount of grain you can put inside a cup.

Pros of Rice Cookers

  • Cooks in a shorter time
  • Perfect for cooking rice
  • It can come with a steamer attachment
  • Great for warming up

Cons of Rice Cookers

  • It can’t cook a wide range of dishes

Pros of Slow Cookers

  • Easy, hands-off cooking
  • A wide range of dishes
  • Different size options
  • Perfect for entertainment

Cons of Slow Cookers

  • It’s really slow to cook

Final Words

Wrapping it up, it’s safe to say both rice and slow cookers are pretty useful when it comes to cooking. But while choosing between rice cooker vs slow cooker, it will be great if you don’t need to lean for one at all!

If possible, go for both. Getting both the cookers won’t cost you a fortune, and it will always add to the elegance of your kitchen. But if you really need to ditch one for another, you can clearly see that the rice cooker will keep you ahead if cooking rice is the prime concern.

On the other hand, a slow cooker will be a versatile genius around your kitchen. So, choose on the basis of your own needs and you won’t go wrong!

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