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Quick & Easy Tips for a Tidy Kitchen

It’s often not fun to deal with dinner dishes after baking or making a meal. We’ve spent many mornings cleaning up a messy kitchen from the night before. But if you take just a few moments on just a few simple tasks each night, it becomes a habit worth developing. Here are a few quick and easy tips to help you keep a tidy kitchen.

Utilize Your Dishwasher

We know it’s easy to let your dishes, pots, and pans pile up in the sink. You’re tired, still cooking, or just want to relax after all your baking efforts. But how often have you returned in the morning to a sink full of dirty dishes and dreaded the task? Get in the habit of taking an extra five or ten minutes to clear the sink or do a little cleaning as you go. Toss those baking essentials and dishes in your dishwasher and run it before collapsing on the couch or bed.

Did you know it s cheaper to run your dishwasher than hand wash each item? Most people let the water run, wasting water and energy. So, scrape the food off, load up the dishwasher, and make use of it! You ll feel so much better with a tidy kitchen before bed.

When to Hand Wash

Some items may require hand washing, like those that are not dishwasher safe. Others simply require more TLC to get the job done. You’re already at the sink, so why stop now? If your pots and pans and baking utensils need a little time to soak, allow them time while you’re finishing dishes and preparing the rest of the dishwasher. If not, allow them to soak overnight.

We suggest taking the extra two minutes to dry items by hand rather than leaving them to air dry. It’s just one less thing you’ll have to worry about the next time you walk into the kitchen!

Don’t Forget to Clean Your Countertops

If this is not already a habit, it’s time to start!

If this is not already a habit, it’s time to start! We promise it will only add a few minutes to your cleaning. Keep your all-purpose cleanser on the counter so you don’t have to hunt it down. It’s as easy as spraying and wiping it out. Just imagine enjoying breakfast or coffee on your sparkling countertop in the morning and how glad you’ll be for taking the time.

Quick Sweep of the Floors

A quick daily sweep of the kitchen floor will make your life so much easier. Whether you’ve been baking all day or ordered take-out, chances are, there are crumbs on the kitchen floor. It’s such a simple task that will only take a minute but can make a huge difference in your overall cleaning routine. A quick sweep every night will give you a clean slate in the morning. Then just schedule a mopping day to your weekly chore list and your kitchen floors will show all your efforts.

By making these simple tasks a part of your normal daily routine, you’ll soon develop a habit of keep your kitchen clean and organized.

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