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Organize Your Fridge for Efficiency

Organizing your fridge doesn’t have to be the dreaded task you make it out to be. WIth a few simple tips and tweaks, you can have your fridge looking cleaner, more organized, and efficient. We’ll give you a few tips and tricks that will help you keep track of your food, avoid spoiling of leftovers, and keep essentials in easy-to-find spots.

Keeping your refrigerator organized has many benefits, on top of helping you keep your sanity! Just think of how many times food has been pushed to the back and you’ve forgotten about it until it’s spoiled?

Benefits of keeping your an organized fridge include:

  • less waste and spoiled food
  • makes your meal planning efforts easier
  • know exactly what you need to add to your grocery list
  • lowers your grocery bill
  • allows for easy-to-reach food, drinks, and condiments

Easy Steps to Organize Your Fridge

Try not to think of this as a huge task. We know how frustrating it is to dig through the depths of a fridge in search of ingredients or that tub of yogurt! Taking on these simple steps now will set you up ease and success in the kitchen while bringing a sense of relief. We’ll walk you through the quickest and most efficient ways to declutter and organize your refrigerator. Ready to get started?

Quick Steps to declutter and Organize Your Fridge:

  • Remove all items from your fridge
  • Throw away spoiled foods, liquid, and leftovers
  • Check all expiration dates
  • Clean the inside of your fridge thoroughly
  • Assign your items to designated shelves, doors and drawers by likeness or use (however you work best)
  • If you choose to invest in clear plastic fridge organizers, arrange them in a way that best utilizes your fridge space

Out with the Old

If leftovers have met their shelf life, it’s time to get rid of them. There’s simply no need to waste fridge space or risk a family member grabbing spoiled food, right? If it’s no longer edible or appetizing (go ahead and Google or take the smell test!), it shouldn’t be in there.

Check Your Expiration Dates

Be sure to thoroughly check all expiration dates. This can easily be done as you remove items.Remember to note items that may be nearing their expiration date as well and add them to your upcoming grocery list. See? Saving time already!

Clean Your Fridge While Empty

Once you have removed everything from your fridge, take advantage and clean it thoroughly. With a clean, fresh start, you’ll also be able to visualize how you’d like to arrange and organize all your fridge items. Don’t forget to scrub drawers and the insides of your doors. We also recommend rearranging your shelf heights for the most efficient space.

Assign Shelves, Drawers, and Doors

Next, think about how you can arrange your refrigerator in ways that best work for your family. Consider which foods and ingredients you use most or if you have children who need easy access to particular foods, arrange those items in reachable areas. Here a few of our favorite tips:

The upper shelves and doors are not quite as cold as other parts of your refrigerator. Arrange your fridge by placing fresh meats and milk on your lower shelves. Keep your most perishable items and your leftovers on the top shelf. Typically, we grab snacks and such from the top shelf, so it’s the ideal place to keep those leftovers in plain view.

Save the middle shelves of your fridge for things like canned fruit, eggs, and produce that doesn’t require being stored in your crisper drawers. Adjust shelves to accommodate you needs for this prime fridge space.

The bottom shelf is recommended for your meats and milk. This section is the coolest are in the fridge, so it’s best to organize it with your items that require a cool, consistent temperature to ensure a longer shelf life. This is perfect for defrosting meats too, since leaks while defrosting meat or fish will have less of a contamination rate to worry about.

Utilize the door space for your condiments. This is also the least coolest spot in your fridge, so use this space wisely.

Arrange your produce in the crisper drawers.

Clear Containers for Organization

We love using clear fridge container organizers! Even if you invest in a few at a time, they keep everything in their place while making it easier to see, store, and sort items. Those handle cut-outs make it so easy to slide and grab anything we need in seconds. Lidded containers are also fantastic, allowing the space-saving option to stack and utilize fridge space efficiently.

Follow our quick and easy tips to declutter and organize your fridge and keep your kitchen as efficient as possible.

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